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New Mexico DUI laws differ from those in other states. If you find yourself charged with a DUI or a DWI, you need to seek the help of a specialized New Mexico DWI/DUI lawyer. The right lawyer can help you understand your rights and the laws of the state. Since the penalties can differ from state to state, depending on age of offender, the blood alcohol limit, and how many past offenses you have, a New Mexico lawyer who specializes in DUI will assist you in understanding all of the factors involved in your case.

New Mexico Drinking and Driving Laws
In New Mexico, driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent or higher is considered illegal. Those under the age of 21 are already breaking the law by drinking underage, and face even harsher penalties. A first offense comes with a $500 fine, up to 90 days in jail, mandatory DWI school, and drug abuse screening programs. A second offense requires 96 consecutive hours in jail, a $500 fine, 48 hours of community service, and at least 28 days in a drug rehabilitation program. Additionally, if a police officer arrests you for DWI, he or she will confiscate your license on the spot. As the offenses accumulate, so do the fines, jail time, and community service.

In the past, New Mexico has taken strict measures to crack down on drunk-driving offenses. For example, one program called Operation DWI is carried out 6 times a year. Its activities include the creation of 75 to 100 sobriety check points throughout a two-week period all over the state. Law enforcement agencies make use of radio, television, public service announcements as well as print media outlets to ensure that New Mexicans are aware of the effort. At each check point, a sobriety test is administered to many drivers. Those who fail are immediately taken into custody.

What to Do
The best thing to do is to simply not drink and drive. However, if you do make the mistake of driving after consuming alcohol and you are pulled over, you need to call a qualified New Mexico DUI lawyer immediately. A hearing must be scheduled within a certain time frame if you want the possibility of keeping your license. Be sure to answer all of the officer's questions, but understand that many of his or her tactics will try to get you to admit your guilt, which can later be used against you in court. If you request a DWI/DUI lawyer right away, your rights will be better protected.

Your DUI lawyer will help you understand your blood alcohol level and the legal limits within the state. Sometimes the police may abuse your rights, so it is always safe to have a lawyer beside you who knows the drinking and driving laws. Be sure to choose:
An experienced lawyer
A lawyer you can afford
A lawyer who specializes in cases like yours
A lawyer with a good track record

The right lawyer can help you stay out of jail and get back to your job and your life. Some DUI lawyers in New Mexico are former police officers themselves, and their experience is never questioned when it comes to drunk driving laws. With a good lawyer to represent you, you might be able to keep a valid driver's license and avoid jail time.


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