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Drinking and driving laws vary throughout the U.S.; for instance, in New York, a driver is not obligated to take a chemical test, such as a breathalyzer, once pulled over. However, the officer may still choose to cite you or charge you if you refuse. You should also remember that if you are pulled over and asked to take a breathalyzer or any other chemical testing, you need to consult with a specialized New York DWI/DUI lawyer or attorney. Unlike in other states, you have the right to consult a lawyer before you decide to undergo chemical testing, so be sure to request an attorney before you do anything else.

New York Laws
If you are caught driving drunk with an illegal blood alcohol count, or BAC, (every state now says that a BAC of .08 or above is considered illegal), you can be fined, imposed with a mandatory community service sentence, serve jail time, and lose your driver's license for a minimum of a year. If you are a minor, the penalties are even worse. You could lose your license until the age of 21. In addition to the legal case, an administrative action may also be brought against you with the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. This action may result in the suspension or even total loss of your license. While each offense comes with corresponding penalties and punishments for the guilty, a simple call to the right New York DWI/DUI lawyer will ensure that you have a fighting chance. New York DWI lawyers know that taking late-night calls is part of being a lawyer in the state. It is important to consult a qualified New York DUI attorney before deciding to take the test or not, since taking or refusing the test is an important and complicated decision following a drunk driving arrest and can weigh heavily on your impending court case.

Finding the Right Attorney
The state of New York is not lacking in intelligent DUI/DWI lawyers. Once pulled over, immediately call and look for legal assistance. Find a qualified attorney to ensure a successful defense. New York DUI/DWI lawyers are not strangers to these situations, and choosing the right one for you should not be difficult. Here are some things you might want to consider:

Choose an attorney with some background in the field. You need an attorney who knows the laws and practices for DUI and DWI cases, and can anticipate the prosecution's every move.
Choose an attorney with a good record of DWI/DUI wins.
Choose an attorney you can afford. Ask about retainer fees and payment plans. Not every attorney will be able to work with your financial circumstances, and if you cannot afford to hire an attorney be sure to request a court-appointed lawyer.

Being charged with a DUI or DWI is not the end of the world. Have courage; there are DUI and DWI cases that are released and charges dropped due to some very basic technicalities. Skilled and knowledgeable DUI or DWI lawyers and attorneys understand the intricacies and can navigate their way through the system. The more qualified the lawyer, the greater the chance that you could be found not guilty of the charges; at the very least, a good lawyer should be able to reduce the sentence so that you can move forward with your life.

DUI and DWI laws in New York might be too complicated for you to understand on your own. A drinking and driving conviction is quite serious, but finding the right lawyer to defend you is the first step in making positive changes. Start making the right decision with a qualified lawyer, and leave your mistakes in the past. The right lawyers can make a big difference. Contact one today.


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