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The United States' drunk-driving data exposes frightening developments. Deaths caused by drunk driving contribute a large number to the total number of motor vehicle accidents each year. According to statistics, around 25,000 deaths are caused by drinking and driving every year. Even with just one beer, the probabilities of an accident multiply by seven. For that reason, the state of Rhode Island has rigorous laws and consequences designed to protect all drivers; unfortunately, many facing DUI (driving under the influence) or DWI (driving while intoxicated) conviction do not deserve the harshness of the law. If you are one of these people, consult a Rhode Island DWI/DUI lawyer right away.

Like many other states, Rhode Island takes age and blood alcohol content (BAC) into consideration when charging individuals with a drinking and driving related offense. As a result, penalties are dependent on the BAC of the offender. For the first time offender, if your levels are between .08 and .10, you can expect to spend up to a year in jail, perform sixty hours of community service, and lose three hundred dollars in fines. You will also have to undergo a special class on drinking and driving, and you will lose your license for up to 180 days.

Unfortunately, if your BAC is higher (still for the first time offender), the fines, jail time and license suspension time nearly doubles. These laws are even less understanding on offenders under the age of 21. If you are underage, you can be arrested if you have any traces of alcohol in your body. If you refuse to submit to chemical testing, you will lose your license, perform community service, and pay high fines. Hence, the rigidity and strictness the Rhode Island DUI/DWI laws should serve as a warning to would be offenders, however, reality is that we all make mistakes, some worse than others.

The above stated penalties only apply to first time offenders. For repeat offenders, the consequences are even more harsh. A DUI arrest and charge is no light matter, and if you plead guilty to such a charge or are proven guilty in court for being in violation of this law, you can be sure that the rest of your life will be forever affected by this one charge. Your records will permanently show that you were charged and found guilty of DUI or DWI, and this means that any offense you may commit, traffic or otherwise, will carry higher fines due to your subsequent arrest and conviction. Furthermore, future employers can view your criminal records, which may mean that you get passed over when applying for a job. Credit bureaus can also see those records, so you may not qualify for great home loans, student loans, or auto loans.

To help you find out if the Rhode Island DWI or DUI lawyer you want to hire is the best one you can find, you may need to do a little background checking. Make sure that your attorney has experience in DUI/DWI. You should ask about the past DUI cases the lawyer's firm and the lawyer specifically has handled and what the results were. You should also find out whether or not this particular firm is well versed in traffic laws and DUI or DWI charges in particular. Choose an attorney that will be committed to your best interests and fight for your defense. Do not take such matters lightly, and seek out the professional help that you deserve. If you are facing DUI or DWI charges, consult with a Rhode Island DUI/DWI lawyer today. Get your life back on the right track now.


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