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The state of South Carolina, like all others, states that operating a motor vehicle under the influence with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 percent or higher is against the law. In 2008, 44 percent of the 920 total car crash deaths were alcohol-related. These statistics are staggering, and unfortunate. Do not continue to make life altering mistakes, and start moving forward with the right attorney to represent you.

The law in South Carolina works under the Implied Consent Law, unlike some other states in the country. In other words, when you apply for a driver's license you consent to take a chemical test when pulled over by a police officer. If you reject the chemical testing, suspension of your driver's license is mandatory. License suspension under these circumstances can last as long as 90 days. A DUI arrest, though, is only the first step in the long process of proving whether or not you were indeed driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or if you were driving while intoxicated. This charge will be supported by proof, like blood tests and breath analyzer tests, and these will have to be initiated by the arresting officers at the scene. You will also be advised of your rights and be placed under arrest for the offense.

South Carolina allows DUI convictions to be tried before a jury. A first offense is considered a misdemeanor that will remain on your driving record forever. With that knowledge, it should be clear why hiring an experience DUI attorney is the first step towards your defense. Potential employers and insurance agents will always see your driving record, and you may or may not field the repercussions in the future. Why take the chance? Hire a lawyer to defend you and your record.

With a DUI conviction on your record, you will not only be paying a penalty or a fine for this one offense, you will actually be carrying this conviction for the rest of your life. This means that you will be subjected to bigger and heftier fines when you are in violation of even the smallest traffic problem like a parking ticket or any other minor offense. It can also mean trouble with employment, credit, or housing. Finding a highly competent South Carolina DUI/DWI lawyer is the best move you can make since you will be given the chance to prove your innocence in court with the help of the defensive tactics of your DUI lawyer.

A DUI lawyer in the state where you were arrested in and charged will know all of the pertinent laws regarding DUI and DWI as well as other traffic related violations, so whether you are from here or you were caught while you were just passing through be sure to choose a South Carolina attorney. For example, in South Carolina, it is law that the police officer videotape the entire arrest, from the time the car lights are turned on until the DUI arrest has occurred. During this time, your Miranda rights must be advised to you, as well as a breath test for your BAC. As in many states, there are specific laws that only apply there, hence hiring an attorney from South Carolina can only benefit you.

When choosing a DUI lawyer in South Carolina , you will need to get someone with a good track record not only in winning cases, but in winning DUI and DWI cases in particular. You should check out your lawyer's success to loss ratio and find out how he or she is planning on trying your case. You should also ask about the involved fees as you want someone who will win but also someone you can afford to pay. With a good South Carolina DWI or DUI lawyer, you may have the chance to keep your records clean and free of any DUI convictions.


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