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Every 30 minutes, someone is killed due to alcohol-related car crashes in the United States. More specifically, of the 119 vehicle crash deaths in South Dakota in 2008, 29 percent of those were caused by blood alcohol contents (BAC) higher that the legal limit of .08. Obviously, driving under the influence of alcohol or other related drugs can be fatal, however even if there are no fatalities, the penalties are extensive.

The higher the level of alcohol content in your blood, the more your driving skills are affected. Coordination, lane tracking, comprehension, eye movement, and focus are impaired. Due to these kinds of serious consequences, states like South Dakota have moved to make serious laws against drinking and driving. However, if you were arrest for a DUI or DWI unjustly, contact a South Dakota DUI/DWI attorney right away.

South Dakota Laws
Whereas the legal BAC limit in South Dakota is 0.08, as long as your BAC is over .05 you can still be charged with DUI if your driving is evidently impaired. Even more so, you do not even have to be actually driving to be charged. For example, sitting in the drivers seat with the intent to drive, in addition to being intoxicated, is enough to be found guilty. Your BAC can be measured through a blood, breath, or urine sample. Specifically in South Dakota, by simply choosing to drive in this state, you have already chosen to give your consent to allow testing if suspicion is implied. If you refuse to be tested, you are agreeing to have your license revoked for one year as well, and if you are a repeat offender, you have no choice but to provide a sample.

If you are caught with a blood alcohol level of more than .08 in the state of South Dakota , and you are convicted of a DUI or DWI related crime, you will lose your license for a minimum of thirty days, and up to one year. Expect to spend up to one year in jail, and pay a fine of up to two thousand dollars. Should you be unlucky enough to be convicted more than once in the state of South Dakota , expect jail time and fines to double. If you are convicted a fourth time, the offense becomes a felony, which could result in jail time up to five years and cost you ten thousand dollars.

What to Do
If you are arrested on a DUI charge, you will need to get in touch with a South Dakota DUI/DWI lawyer to help you keep your records as clean as possible. South Dakota DUI lawyers know how to effectively argue these cases, and if a winning lawyer cannot get you acquitted of your DUI charge, he or she may at least be able to lessen the penalties you will be facing. Your DUI lawyer will easily know how to find the angle where he or she can get you out of your DUI predicament as well as exactly how to approach the case to win. Avoid the above stated penalties, and hire an attorney immediately to defend your case.

Choosing the Right Lawyer
If you are facing DUI or DWI conviction, the first step is to choose the right lawyer. Look for these three things:

A lawyer who is committed to your case. You want a lawyer that you can trust, and will fight for you with your best interests at heart.

A lawyer who has extensive experience. Drinking and driving laws are changing on a regular basis, and you need a lawyer with personal experience in the field.

A lawyer with a winning record. Find out how many of your potential lawyer's clients either had their cases dismissed, were acquitted, or walked away with lesser sentences.

A drinking and driving conviction is quite serious, but finding the right South Dakota DUI/DWI lawyer is the first step in making positive changes. Start making the right decision with a qualified lawyer, and leave your mistakes in the past.


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