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If you are arrested for drinking and driving in the state of Washington, the best person to whom you can turn for help is a DUI lawyer. Washington DWI or DUI cases are serious and finding the right counsel for your defense is not a situation that should be taken lightly. Understanding the laws and courtroom proceedings is challenging for anyone, as is especially hard during a time like this. The first thing you should do after receiving a DUI or DWI charge is to hire a qualified lawyer or attorney who specializes in DUI or DWI cases in the state of Washington. Doing so can affect the outcome of your case significantly.

Law firms specializing in drunk-driving cases can be found throughout the state of Washington. These lawyers know their way around the courtroom and are familiar with district attorneys and judges. They are also familiar with the many unique policies and procedures related to DUI arrests in Washington. It is extremely important to retain a qualified Washington DUI defense lawyer who is familiar with the local laws and practices. Moreover, these lawyers are very aggressive in getting things done. Most Washington DWI or DUI lawyers offer free consultation sessions and answer inquiries free of charge.

A good DWI or DUI lawyer is one who possesses thorough knowledge about the specifics of DUI and DWI cases in the state of Washington. You need to look for a DUI lawyer who has years of experience with drunk driving cases. Try to find out their track record with such cases to evaluate their qualifications and to see if they can meet your needs. It will help if you know the status of the previous cases that the lawyer has handled. For example, if the lawyer's track record shows that most of his cases result in acquittal, dismissal, or lessened sentences that would be an indication that he or she has proven results and may have more influence in the court for your case.

The Process
The first step in hiring a lawyer is the initial consultation. Many Washington-based DUI law firms offer an initial consultation free of charge. During your initial meeting, the events that led to your arrest will be reviewed and assessed. You will need to be honest with your lawyer so s/he can better prepare your case. Once you have talked about the evidence against you, your lawyer will help you by pointing out possible consequences from your actions. He or she may also discuss your defense strategies.

Next, you will be given a thorough rundown of what the laws of the state of Washington say regarding offenses like yours. Your lawyer may also discuss the process of the trial and court hearings you will be experiencing over the next few months.

To achieve better results or outcomes in your case, such as lowering your punishment or getting an acquittal, scheduling a consultation with a qualified Washington-based DUI lawyer as soon as possible is the first step you need to take. Failing to consult a qualified lawyer or attorney is not a risk you should take, especially in such a serious situation.


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