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In the state of Wisconsin, cases of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and other cases relating to drinking and driving are one of the most common offenses. It has been reported by arresting police officers that almost half of the total number of vehicular accidents in the last year were caused by alcohol.

Wisconsin's DUI and DWI laws are, by far, the toughest in the United States . This is due to the state's aggressive campaign to completely eradicate vehicular accidents that are caused by drinking and driving, and to discourage individuals from drinking and driving. Wisconsin DUI cases are very sensitive, complex, and controversial. One cannot hope for a charge to be dismissed or even to be represented adequately in criminal court if your legal counsel is not an expert DUI lawyer. While it is true that all criminal lawyers are allowed to handle these cases, it is still advisable that you seek representation by an attorney who specializes in DUI or DWI cases.

The state of Wisconsin has a number of law firms that specialize in drunk driving cases. These firms have the best lawyers in the state; with their collective expertise and experience in drunk driving cases, you are sure to have the best courtroom experience possible.

Choosing a Lawyer
A good DUI lawyer is someone who, first and foremost, has a thorough and deep knowledge of the nature of DUI or DWI laws in the state of Wisconsin. He or she should also have a strong grasp on issues like blood alcohol analysis, field sobriety testing, and breathalyzer testing. These are the most common chemical exams that are required for individuals who are stopped and arrested on the suspicion of alcohol related driving offenses. Many times, a DUI lawyer will call the equipment in for testing to ensure it is in working order. He or she may also contact witnesses and the officer(s) conducting the testing to make sure it was done in accordance with the law.

In addition to being familiar with testing procedures, the offender's legal counsel should also be familiar with the DUI arrest process and other police matters. In order to prepare the best game plan possible in defending the case, it is essential that your lawyer have knowledge of all of this. This is also the reason why experienced DUI lawyers are preferred in these cases. If your defense lawyer is already familiar with the typical drunk driving proceedings in the criminal courts, the two of you will not only be able to predict the points that will be raised by the prosecution, but you can also prepare your counter attacks to ensure that you will only be subjected to lesser penalties.

What to Expect
Upon consultation with a DUI expert lawyer, you will be asked about facts relating to your case. You will also be oriented on the nature of drunk driving cases in Wisconsin, and you will be made to understand the process and the possible punishments for the charges that have been brought against you. Your lawyer may also tell you that there will be two cases filed against you. One is a criminal case brought by the state of Wisconsin, and the other is an administrative case that will be filed by the state's Division of Motor Transportation. These charges can either cause revocation or suspension of your driver's license, make you pay a certain fine or, in unfortunate cases, result in jail time. The power to relieve your conviction or have your sentence reduced, lies greatly on the lawyer you choose to defend you.


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