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If you were arrested for drunk driving or another related case in the state of Wyoming, there are several factors about your case that you need to consider. Keep in mind that the state of Wyoming charges the offender with one of two separate and independent charges; there are separate charges for driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving under influence (DUI). Each charge carries with it harsh penalties. In fact, Wyoming is known for having some of the harshest DUI and DWI laws in the country.

When caught in these cases, offenders will be charged with a criminal offense. However, the offender will also have an administrative action brought against them by the transportation division of the state of Wyoming. Although revocation of the driver's license will not take effect prior to conviction, offenders may still have their driver's license suspended during the proceedings. These conditions can undoubtedly pose a great threat to the privileges you usually have for driving and may greatly affect your life.

To avoid any serious consequences, it is strongly advised that drunk driving offenders seek the help of an experienced DUI lawyer in the state of Wyoming, someone who knows the laws inside and out and specializes in such cases.

Over the past several years, DUI and DWI cases in Wyoming have been increasing in number and frequency. Due to this, the laws surrounding them have become much tougher. For example, criminal courts have started to prohibit judges from dismissing a Wyoming DWI or DUI case or reducing its penalty if certain pre-requisites are not duly accomplished. In order to even be considered for penalty reduction, the defendant's DUI lawyer must first file a motion in the criminal court saying the evidence is insufficient and or irrelevant. This motion is, of course, subject to approval by the judge. This policy is brought about by an anti plea-bargaining agreement that was being implemented specifically for Wyoming DWI and DUI cases.

Considering how complex these cases are, it is very crucial that as an offender you are represented by a DUI lawyer who knows the legal precedents and existing laws that surround the matter. If the case takes place in the state of Wyoming, it is best if the legal counsel hired is a DUI lawyer based in Wyoming. This is because different states embrace different laws, and in Wyoming, additional laws regarding drunk driving and its legal proceedings are being implemented on a regular basis. Because of the state's harsh laws, a conviction for a DUI in Wyoming will have long lasting consequences, no matter how small the infraction may be. A criminal record can affect all areas of your life, from employment to your personal freedom.

In order to find the right Wyoming DUI or DWI lawyer for you, there are several things you should look for. First, find a lawyer who you know you can trust. The best way to get a good lawyer is through word of mouth. Talk to other people who have been in the same situation. Most DUI defense lawyers practicing in Wyoming will offer you a free initial consultation; if you don't like one lawyer, you can feel free to look until you find someone with whom you can work well. Second, find a lawyer you can afford. Talk about retainer fees and payment plans for the remainder of the fees involved. Finally, try to find a lawyer with a winning case record in this area. Finding the right Wyoming DUI lawyer is essential to winning your case or getting a lighter sentence.


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