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Widow Sues over Helicopter Death

Friday, January 16th, 2009

The widow of a man who died recently following a helicopter air crash has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the helicopter operator, PHI. The PHI Sikorsky S-76 helicopter crfash occurred last week, and the plaintiff in the lawsuit has accused the operating company of negligence.
The lawsuit has been filed by the widow of the late Allen Boudreaux, Britain Boudreaux, who claims that the company was negligent and that the death of her husband could have been avoided.

An attorney working on behalf of the widow stated: “All reports and information I have, the weather was not a factor. It’s got to be something mechanical or it’s got to be pilot error.” The aircraft crashed in to swampland on 4th January.

According to reports the helicopter took off just seven minutes before it crashed from Louisiana. Eight of the nine people on board died, and this is the first lawsuit to have been filed although the cause of the crash is still being officially investigated.

Lawsuit Over Taser Death Settled

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

A lawsuit that was filed against a township following the death of a man on whom a Taser was used has been settled according to a recent report. The lawsuit was filed against Shelby Township after a man died following an incident where he was pursued by police and a Taser was used on him to subdue him.
Steven Spears died in August 2007 after the incident, where police officers stunned him with the Taser gun. The family of the forty nine year old then filed a lawsuit claiming that police officers used excessive force with Spears, who worked as a hairdresser.

The police were called when there were reports of a man running around the streets with just his socks and underwear on. He was described by officers as being agitated, and according to reports he ran into the traffic and refused to co-operate with emergency staff.

The report claims that the lawsuit against the township has now been settled for nearly two million dollars. Spears died after being stunned several times by the stun gun, although the primary cause of death was said to be a cocaine overdose.

Settlement in Lawsuit Against Biden Family Members

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

A lawsuit that had been filed against two family members of Vice President-elect Joe Biden has been settled, according to recent reports. The lawsuit had been filed against Biden’s youngest son and his brother, who were accused of cheating a business partner out of money in the lawsuit.
The lawsuit had been filed last month in New York state court, and was filed against Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and his brother, James Biden. However, an attorney has now confirmed that the lawsuit has been settled out of court.

An attorney working on behalf of the Bidens stated that the terms of the settlement would remain confidential, although the report claims that the Bidens have not admitted to doing anything wrong. The lawsuit had been filed by Anthony Lotito Jr, who said that the two tried to cheat him out of money in a business negotiation,

A separate lawsuit has been filed by an investor, Stephane Farouze, who has names both Bidens and Mr Lotito has defendants in the case, claiming that the defendants acted fraudulently in their business dealings.

Lawsuit Filed over Conditions at Canyon County Jail

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Recent reports have shown that a lawsuit has been filed in connection with alleged poor conditions at the Canyon County jail. According to reports the lawsuit was filed by the ACLU of Idaho, which claims that conditions at the Caldwell jail are inhumane.
The lawsuit goes on to state that conditions at the jail as extremely overcrowded, which means that often prisoners are forced to sleep on the floors. The lawsuit further claims that inmates are often forced to shower with toxic mold and rust due to problems with ventilation and plumbing amongst other things.

Lea C. Cooper, staff attorney with the ACLU of Idaho, said: “No one should be forced to live in the kind of overcrowded conditions that exist in some of our jails and prisons across the state.”

Copper added: “It is imperative that our state and local leaders commit themselves to addressing this problem and ensuring that the state’s prisoners are provided living conditions that meet constitutional minimums.”

Restaurant and Weight Watchers Sued by Law Firm

Monday, January 12th, 2009

A law firm has filed a class action lawsuit against the restaurant Applebees, also naming its parent company and the weight loss company Weight Watchers as defendants. The Washington DC law firm has filed the lawsuit against the Overland Park based eatery, submitting a twenty seven page lawsuit.
According to the lawsuit the restaurant conspired with the weight loss firm Weight Watchers to misled customers about the number of calories and amount of fat that was in certain items that were on the menu. It states that one menu item was advertised as having six grams of fat but upon analysis was found to have twelve grams of fat.

The law firm has said that any customer that has dined from the Weight Watchers menu at the chain over the past two years could be eligible to be part of the class action lawsuit, as they may have been misled about how much fat or how many calories they were consuming.

With an increasing number of people becoming more conscious about the health implications of being overweight many now tend to rely on the fat and calorie content information that is often used on menus, so any misleading information could be detrimental to the customer.

Man Files Lawsuit Over Slaughterhouse Sickness

Friday, January 9th, 2009

A man has filed a lawsuit against Hormel Foods Corp and Quality Pork Processors Inc after alleging that he became sick whilst working in a slaughterhouse with a machine that was used to extract brains from pigs. He alleges that several other employees also became sick with mystery illnesses of a neurological nature.
The lawsuit was filed in Mower County District Court, and the plaintiff is seeking fifty thousand dollars from each of the defendants in the case. However, last month the plaintiff, Dale Kinney, and his attorney were asked by the courts, following a request from Hormel, to be more specific about his claims of injury because they were too vague.

Lawyers for Hormel wrote: “Absent a more definitive statement explaining the grounds on which Plaintiff’s claims allegedly rest, Hormel cannot reasonably be required to frame a responsive pleading denying or admitting plaintiff’s allegations.”

According to reports around eighteen people working at Quality Pork’s Austin plant have been struck down with illness, and many have gone on to file worker’s compensation claims. Some officials have said that the illness may have been due to exposure to pig brain tissue that was turned into a fine mist during the process.

Model Sues Google Over Blogger Comments

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

A Canadian model is suing Google Inc over comments that were made on a Blogger site that is owners by the company. Thirty six year old fashion model, Liskula Cohen, has demanded to know who posted the comments on the blogger site, stating that they were offensive and defamatory.
The model, who has graced the pages of high profile magazines such as Vogue, wants Google to reveal the identity of the anonymous blogger, who is said to have posted unflattering pictures of the model and made offensive comments about her.

According to reports part of the statement made for court includes ‘the statements and suggestions made on the blog are malicious and untrue’. A lawyer for the model said: “Our laws protect speech and anonymous speech, however it doesn’t protect speech that defames people.”

Google responded by stating that it sympathised with anyone that found themselves in this position, adding: “We also take great care to respect privacy concerns and will only provide information about a user in response to a subpoena or other court order. If content is found by a court to be defamatory, we will of course remove it immediately.”

CIA Being Sued by Veterans

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

The US Central Intelligence Agency is being sued by six former soldiers as well as the Vietnam Veterans of America over secret testing that was once carried out that endangered the health and lives of the soldiers. It is claimed in the lawsuit that the CIA failed to provide adequate care and protection for soldiers when the testing was carried out.
The tests that are referred to in the lawsuit are biological and chemical testing, as well as drug testing, where things such as nerve gas, mind control experiments, and hallucinogenic drugs were said to have been secretly tested without protection for the soldiers that were exposed to them.

One attorney involved in the case said: “What is not historical about these tests is the impact they had on the enlisted men. They have never been compensated, they have been denied health care, they have been left alone for more than 30 years.”

A CIA spokesperson stated: “CIA activities related to MKULTRA have been thoroughly investigated and the CIA fully cooperated with each of the investigations. Tens of thousands of pages from documents related to the program have been declassified and released to the public.”

Family Settles Ferry Death Lawsuit

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

The family of a woman who died in a ferry tragedy has settled the lawsuit that was filed against the ferry company. The family of Shirley Rosette decided to settle the lawsuit that had been filed against BC Ferries one month before the trial was due to begin.
The woman was one of two passengers to die when the ferry failed to alter its course and crashed into an island in 2006. Nearly one hundred people escaped from the Queen of the North after she sank, but two bodies were not found and declared dead, one of these being Shirley Rossette.

BC Ferries were accused to negligence over the sinking and deaths, and the families of both deceased filed wrongful death lawsuits against the company. The other passenger that died was Gerald Foisy, who was Rossette’s companion, and the case relating to his death is still due to go ahead.

BC Ferries had admitted liability in the case, but has asked that the Foisy trail be split into two parts; one to determine damaged and the other to decide if there was recklessness involved. If the company is not found to have been reckless it has asked that damaged be limited to $330,000.

Cement Plant Sued by EPA

Monday, January 5th, 2009

The US Environmental Protection Agency is suing a Lyons based cement plant for failure to control air pollution. The EPA alleges that the company failed to control air pollution from a cement plant in Boulder County, and this action that is being taken is one of a number of steps taken to bring the plant up to speed in terms of complying with environmental laws.
The company has been accused of a range of violations of Clean Air laws, according to recent reports, and this latest action claims that the plant went through various modifications, which increased emissions, but that nothing was done to improve protective controls to stop the increase of air pollution.

Jeremy Nichols, climate and energy program director for the environmental group WildEarth Guardians, said: “Public health in Boulder County is at risk from illegal pollution; thankfully the EPA has stepped up to hold Cemex accountable. The message to Cemex should be clear: It’s time to stop illegally polluting the air we breathe.”

An official from the company said: “The projects identified in the complaint occurred more than a decade ago under the ownership of Southdown, Inc. and were subject to review by the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment. These projects did not increase emissions from the plant, therefore, they did not violate applicable law.”